Marios Restaurant

76 reviews

4222 2nd Ave, Detroit,
MI - 48201

Markets: Detroit, MI Metro

(313) 833-0700 http://MARIOSDETROIT.COM more »


  • dinerg on 18 Mar 2013 via Citysearch

    Think Godfather. Mario's is situated in an awkward area in Detroit, however, it remains a gem. My family really enjoys it, however, I'm not a huge Italian cuisine connoisseur. I enjoy most of their vegetarian dishes, and their minestrone

  • HatShak on 08 Mar 2013 via Citysearch

    Love your Sunday brunch before the game.

  • jamsp on 01 Mar 2013 via Citysearch

    Cocktails, Filet and Zip Sauce. I dream about the filet and zip sauce. Service may be slow but its old school and good memories of days gone by

  • Casacchiau78 on 22 Feb 2013 via Citysearch

    Love the old school atmosphere. Shannon is the best...very attentive and engaging. It's true that you should be prepared to have your entree to go as the amount of food is vast. Drinks are okay...depends on who makes them. Shrimp scampi,

  • JordanT0 on 07 Feb 2013 via Citysearch

    ****4 stars****\r
    We - the family - had a great dinner at Mario's. Love the salad, soup and old-world service. Everyone's entree was really good - lamb chops, lasagna and chicken. There is nothing like an old-fashioned, old-world

  • jawrona on 30 Jan 2013 via Citysearch

    Really good place

  • ceciliow on 24 Jan 2013 via Citysearch

    I love the staff

  • chellar159796073 on 17 Jan 2013 via Citysearch


  • eulac32095195 on 19 Dec 2012 via Citysearch

    Always enjoy eating here

  • legen_daryh on 03 Dec 2012 via Citysearch

    Always a pleasure, excellent service

  • chrisp1439822669 on 19 Jun 2012 via Citysearch

    Never again. Wife bought tiger tix and buffet package. Ordered two drinks for total of $12. Bill was $23. Waiter hand wrote $10 gratuity for 'buffet service'??? I said 'why are you including gratuity for buffet? I got my own food. You

  • Never going back.

    Sally Q on 03 May 2012 via Citysearch

    I went to Mario's for the first time Saturday. Our waiter, Shannen, was excellent. The entertainment was great. Ambiance and food were also decent.
    My first problem of the evening was with the bartender. She was downright rude. After

  • A bad choice

    amichaelis on 21 Dec 2011 via Citysearch

    Mediocre food and horrible service! We regret having paid that kind of money for one of our worst dining experiences in Detroit. This was our first time at Marios and also our last.

  • Food is great

    monC on 30 Jun 2011 via Citysearch

    Food is great as always, service and personnel A+

  • Terrific bartender

    destinyT on 28 Jun 2011 via Citysearch

    Jamie is a terrific bartender!

  • Never dissapointed

    porschesakal on 23 Jun 2011 via Citysearch

    I dine here because I am never dissapointed

  • Great Food wonderful service

    Guest G. on 23 Jun 2011 via Judy's Book

    Great Food wonderful service

  • Excellent

    EWheeington on 17 Jun 2011 via Citysearch

    Always a pleasure, excellent service

  • Excellent

    Guest G. on 17 Jun 2011 via Judy's Book

    Excellent Food, service. Great place to go to Theatre

  • My husband and I happen to love it

    faelbaz on 03 Jun 2011 via Citysearch

    It's "Old School Detroit." The waiters are extremely polite. I love that you order your entree, then the food starts showing up... You're served antipasto when you sit down. Then the soup (and the minestrone is delicious), salad and


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