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20900 Oakwood Blvd, Dearborn,
MI - 48124

Markets: Detroit, MI Metro

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  • Steve DeAngelo on 06 Jun 2014 via Gogobot

    When you visit the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, you will come away with a memorable experience that will last a lifetime. This historical

  • Wendy Ayres-Kime on 26 Nov 2013 via Gogobot

    Absolutely love this place! We have a yearly membership and it is worth every bit of what we payed for it. Our children are 6 and 8, they never get bo

  • Karla Zimmerman on 08 May 2013 via Gogobot

    It contains a fascinating wealth of American culture, such as the chair Lincoln was sitting in when assassinated and the bus on which Rosa Parks refus

  • I love it

    Rachael A on 22 Jun 2007 via Insider Pages

    I love going to the Henry Ford. They have such fantastic exibits. There are so many cool, old displays that really bring the life of that time into your world. I can't wait to see the Rock Stars Cars and Guitars!

  • A Good Family Experience

    Jon S on 09 Aug 2006 via Insider Pages

    I took my family to the musem and it was excreptional. I had not been since Grade School and it was better than I could remember. There is something for everyone! Trains, Memorabilia, Exhibits, Planes Etc. It is layed out well and easy to

  • Very educational

    Attila H on 30 Nov 2005 via Insider Pages

    I enjoy going to the Henry Ford museum and learning new things. They have different exhibits throughout the year which makes having a membership very worth the money. There is also an IMAX theatre which shows educational movies as well as

  • Can't Miss This Museum

    John K on 04 Nov 2005 via Insider Pages

    This is a fantastic museum for everyone - kids and grownups alike. There is really something for everyone here.

    You will find the presidential motorcade, huge train engines, old farm equipment, an oscar meyer weiner mobile, and so much

  • Same old place, new name

    IO U on 21 Oct 2005 via Insider Pages

    With ticket prices so expensive, we rarely go more than once a year here. I will say that parking is very nice, it has easy access and is free. That is the only thing that is free. They have completely renovated Greenfield Village, but

  • A Must see !

    Ryan S on 03 Oct 2005 via Insider Pages

    This is a must see for everyone coming in and out of the great Detroit area. Its such a walk back into time to be stroll down this historical city and be able to see how things used to be. The buildings that are located here are from all

  • Great Place

    Nicole H on 27 Sep 2005 via Insider Pages

    There are so many incredible things to see at this museum including the car JFK was assasinated in, the chair Lincoln was assasinated in, planes, cars, old fashioned equipment. The list goes on! This is a great place to spend an

  • fun

    Debbie S on 08 Sep 2005 via Insider Pages

    my family likes to go but it gets a little over budget once you factor tickets and food and gift shop and food and candy and souvenir's but it is an experience.

  • Tons of fun!

    Courtney V on 06 Sep 2005 via Insider Pages

    I've always enjoyed visiting this museum; it never gets old and I've found something new and interesting to see every time I've been there.

    My husband and I attended a Christmas party here and the food was wonderful, the dessert plate

  • Henry Ford Museum

    Erin S on 03 Sep 2005 via Insider Pages

    Henry Ford Museusm has living history- from the car JFK was shot in to the bus that Rosa Parks rode. You'll spend the day reliving the past through actual artifacts from our country's history. This is a very family friendly museum with

  • Henry Ford Museum

    Maria S on 01 Sep 2005 via Insider Pages

    A museum thats great to go to all year round for the entire family. Its full of American History with interesting displays and exhibits. I love walking and seeing old toys on display from the past. Every time I go to the museum it

  • Michigan's Best Museum

    Amy A on 30 Aug 2005 via Insider Pages

    The Henry Ford Museum is the best in Michigan. You get to see where it all began to where the new fords are made. On display are many great automobiles but the one that has always stuck in my mind is the "Rosa Parks" bus. So much great

  • Amazing Museum

    Karen S on 27 Aug 2005 via Insider Pages

    There are truly some unbelievable items on exhibit at this massive history museum. I was awestruck when I viewed the Presidential Limousine that John F. Kennedy was assasinated in. (Other Presidential vehicles are also on exhibit including

  • Great fun.

    Kelly P on 17 Aug 2005 via Insider Pages

    Love going to the village and the museum, both are alot of fun. They have new and exciting exhibitions added in on a regular basis, so there is almost always something new to see or do. The imax is also there for you to do. Become a member

  • Definitely a must-see!

    Melanie S on 26 Jul 2005 via Insider Pages

    The Henry Ford Museum is an impressive building filled with bits and pieces of American history. As you walk around the building, visit the car that carried Kennedy in his last moments or look at the chair that Lincoln sat in at the Ford

  • A Great Spot to Spend the Day

    Lisa G on 14 Jul 2005 via Insider Pages

    The Henry Ford is a wonderful place for both adults and kids. There is so much learning that can be done there, but it is interesting, fun learning. The Henry Ford is composed of Greenfield Village, an excellent outdoor village that is

  • So Much History in So Little Space

    Stacey S on 12 Jul 2005 via Insider Pages

    Henry Ford did us all a favor when he began collecting history buildings and gathered them together at Greenfield VIllage. In the span of a handful of yards you can walk through Edisons Lab from Menlo Park to the Wright Brothers Bicycle


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