Sound Board Theater

12 reviews

2901 Grand River Ave, Detroit,
MI - 48201

Markets: Detroit, MI Metro

Neighborhoods: Briggs

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  • Great hotel BUT..

    GeorgeEvelyn1978 on 07 Apr 2011 via Citysearch

    It's a great hotel but if any of you are looking to save some $$ then book it at They have some of the best hotel deals on the web!

  • Bonus Reward Problem

    Mary G on 14 Apr 2009 via Insider Pages

    I received a reward play in the mail for $15. I went on April 13th and then again on April 14th. On my second visit I was to receive a bonus reward play for $25 but the computers were down and I never received my bonus play. I complained

  • You Don.t Have Anything Coming

    G H on 31 Mar 2009 via Insider Pages

    I just happened to slip and fall at the Motor City Buffet while on a date with my husband. I slipped and only received minor bruising on my hip, a sore shoulder and hand. My injury was not serious enough to seek medical attention. Motor

  • Nice casino

    Attila H on 29 Nov 2005 via Insider Pages

    This casino is not as nice as the MGM Grand but it is still fun. They have a entire floor which is non-smoking which is great for those who have breathing ailments such as asthma. My gambling buddy has asthma so we play on that floor. The

  • 3rd best in Detroit

    Nicole H on 23 Sep 2005 via Insider Pages

    Of the 3 Detroit Casinos this one rates last. It's an okay casino but it is usually dark and very smokey inside. They don't seem to have as many of the slots that I like as the others do. I'd visit this casino again, but if I had my

  • Dark, Smokey and Kind of Depressing

    Lakshmi K on 19 Sep 2005 via Insider Pages

    If you're looking for a good fun time at the Casino...I personally don't think it will be at Motorcity. The one time I was there..I was personally scared of the Casino since it seemed really dark and smokey. I like to gamble

  • What a Great Time!

    Lynn M on 14 Sep 2005 via Insider Pages

    Our local newspaper is often advertising this casino.
    They run coupon offers to ride a bus (picks up at many different popints) to the casino.
    You pay one price, for this price you get transportation to and from Motorcity Casino and either

  • Motorcity Casino

    Maria S on 01 Sep 2005 via Insider Pages

    I've been to Motorcity Casino a few times. The first time I really liked it. Then each time I went I got more and more disappointed in it. Found it hard to find available machines. Not many attendands to help you. The only thing I

  • My Favorite Casino

    Amy A on 31 Aug 2005 via Insider Pages

    Motorcity Casino is my favorite casino. I love the non-smoking floor when I have been there too long and the smoke is getting to my eyes. It is just a very nice, relaxing and not too big. The customer service there is beyond wonderful. Fun

  • Just OK

    Anita D on 22 Jul 2005 via Insider Pages

    I have only been to Motorcity Casino twice and both times they had many machines that were broke down or broke while I was playing them. They did have a lot of machines though. I thought parking was a little scary even though well lit.

  • Good gaming facility

    Amy H on 07 Jun 2005 via Insider Pages

    I found this to be a pleasurable day trip. If you haven't been it's a wonderful stop from daily life and something fun and different to try. Well parking is usually kind of tough and there are long waits for the elevators which I found

  • Excellent casino

    Richard F on 01 Jun 2005 via Insider Pages

    This downtown casino is truly great. They have many special deals that they run periodically. Their decor is very nice. The slot machines and other games are very fun. Thedealers and other staff are very numerous and good. They also offer


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