Karu & Y

60 reviews

71 NW 14th St, Miami,
FL - 33136

Markets: Miami, FL Metro

Neighborhoods: Downtown Miami

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  • Underwhelmed and Overcooked

    FlynnP on 01 Mar 2012 via Citysearch

    I won't be going back. I've heard great reviews about Karu & Y, but unfortunately I can't report the same. Food was over cooked, definitely not worth the money.

  • oh man!!!

    caponathan83 on 01 Mar 2011 via Citysearch

    amazing restaurant in miami

  • Super Cool Club...but beware...

    westside75 on 30 Mar 2009 via Citysearch

    Awesome place but beware of the drinks. Ordered 3 drinks. 1 Melon Vodka and soda & 2 RedBull Vodkas for $45.00. All of us agreed we got probably a thimbles worth of vodka. So..we never ordered anymore drinks that night. My advice to

  • The best club and food in Miami

    SoBeP on 23 Feb 2009 via Citysearch

    The first thing is this. Karu has new owners and chef. To be fair to them you must disregard any reviews before December 2008. The new owners took over and revamped the whole place from top to bottom. Including decor and staff. The place

  • Great atmosphere

    AAA2013 on 13 Dec 2008 via Citysearch

    This is one of Miami's best nightclubs. The staff is very helpful and accommodating. The people who come here are decent and well dressed for the most part. There are 4 rooms, one being mostly hip-hop, the terrace being house, and 2 other

  • worst experience

    princessnay on 27 Sep 2008 via Citysearch

    I went on thursday 9/25 for the reopening , it was the worse experience. First of all i had reservations and was outside the club at midnight i didn't get in until 1:20am the club was way to crowded. after spending $1,200 for my party of

  • Good Times, Great Atmosphere!

    harlemhoney on 26 Jun 2008 via Citysearch

    I dont know what place these people are talking about but i LOVE this place! Great service, beautiful decor, and good music! The only bad thing is that it's location is not all that good, its in the middle of the "hood". I only recommend

  • Worst place you can go. Rude security, extremely shady

    mcfsilva on 05 May 2008 via Citysearch

    I took my sister, my wife and 3 other girls to this club last Friday. The first problem I faceed with it is that the bars will not provide you with a detail check. They only give you the credit card summary, unless you fight with them to

  • The worst food ever

    dutch30 on 24 Jan 2008 via Citysearch

    This is the worst restaraunt I have ever eaten at. The waiters were completely inept, it seems as if they were hired for looks as opposed to ability. They need to fire this chef

  • Food needs IMPROVEMENT

    crystal82 on 18 Jan 2008 via Citysearch

    This place has a confusion of entity, restaurant, lounge and club. What is it? If I go to a restaurant that is this upscale I expect the best from service to food. The food is weak, flavors can't comprehend. Styles don?t care for it. I


    sidney256 on 16 Jan 2008 via Citysearch

    this is the worst food I ever had!!!! no words can describe the dissapointment, took clients there trying to impress them instead i was embarrased and these were "vip" clients which no one even knew who they were but, owner of very high

  • Upscale all the way!

    maefernandez on 14 Jan 2008 via Citysearch

    Being in all around the world best , best restaurants is easy to say but hard to acomplish: there are already a few really good ones. Not once but about 4 - 5 times we, my husband and I and, in a couple of ocassions with our daughters and

  • The Food is Terrible

    marjoe on 11 Jan 2008 via Citysearch


  • Beautiful restaurant but food needs work

    sunshinek on 07 Jan 2008 via Citysearch

    Beautiful restaurant but food needs work. The decor of this place is amazing; there is a gorgeous Dale Chihuly chandelier in the center of the dining room. The waiters are dressed in very chick outfits, but in my opinion the food does

  • Great Place!!!

    raju1417 on 07 Jan 2008 via Citysearch

    I recently visited Karu for my anniversary dinner and the experience was remarkable. Aside from the beautiful decor and friendly staff, the food was delicious. I had the Kobe Steak and my boyfriend had the short ribs. The food was

  • FANTASTIC New Year's Eve Meals & Music!

    MangoTango on 05 Jan 2008 via Citysearch

    And my most recent visit to Karu & Y was on New Year's Eve. It was $400 for a preset menu for two, which in my opinion, was a reasonable price considering the quality of the food served and what other restaurants were charging for that

  • Great service, great vibe, great CHEF!

    muzicman1205 on 04 Jan 2008 via Citysearch

    I royally enjoyed the food, atmosphere and design. There are many places in Miami that dont do the restaurant and service industry justice. I am a personal friend of the chef and know that he has put his heart and soul into the taste of

  • Gotta LOVE IT!

    jeanverpr on 03 Jan 2008 via Citysearch

    WOW! When my husband and I walked in to the restaurant I was so impressed with the place that it took a while for me to remember that I was there for the food! I was already pleased with the evening even if the food would turn out ok- but

  • Great food and atmosphere

    christyolga on 03 Jan 2008 via Citysearch

    We were very pleasantly surprised last month when we went to the restaurant for my parent's anniversary. The food was very good and the atmosphere was enjoyable. We will highly recommend it and expect to return soon.

  • Extraordinary Crappy

    swiley88 on 03 Jan 2008 via Citysearch

    I don't mind paying for good food but I actually felt like I was ripped off. Very disappointed, the food is really not noteworthy. I received my snapper undercooked and flavorless. Service was slow and spotty. The portions are


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