Studio A

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60 NE 11th St, Miami,
FL - 33132

Markets: Miami, FL Metro

Neighborhoods: Downtown Miami

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    uncensored_reviews on 15 Sep 2007 via Citysearch

    Today September 16, 2007. The bouncers at this so called "venue" assaulted 2 attendees. It all begun when Person A (names will not be used) was on stage in order to sing along with the band. It was then that the 1st bouncer threw Person A

  • Pleasantly Surprised!

    soulkind on 30 Oct 2006 via Citysearch

    Finally!!!! A venue in Miami which caters to the off-the-mainstream crowds...I have attended 3 concerts in the same spot within one month: Ladytron, Brazilian Girls and Cultura Profetica.....conicidence? Think not!! The decor is

  • best new club

    michael1470 on 28 Oct 2006 via Citysearch

    wanna hear the same music you go out for but want a change of scenery. go to studio a. you'll also find a hot bartender.


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