Pawn Shop Lounge

"Vintage pawn shop becomes pop-art nightclub for Miami's see-and-be-seen set."

15 reviews

1222 NE Second Ave, Miami,
FL - 33132

Markets: Miami, FL Metro

Neighborhoods: Downtown Miami

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  • good mix for a night out

    lucky luciano on 05 Sep 2011 via Citysearch

    A place with out the 'tude. the dj spins the best. everytime it a great evening and great escape from the outside.

  • fun

    jerrymcgwire on 16 Dec 2008 via Citysearch

    great place to wine and dine your girl to a magnificent evening. the prices for the drinks are not that bad as well.

  • This has always been a favorite of mine.

    AllergicToLines on 17 Sep 2008 via Citysearch

    Pawnshop has always been a good time from where I stand. The music is always fun and different. It does get crowded but would u rather the club be crowded or empty?\r
    If you're interested in getting into Miami clubs for absolutely free.


    dvsonemiami on 28 Oct 2007 via Citysearch

    Pawnshop was without question the absolute worst experience I have ever encountered in all of Florida's clubs and night life! Between the Staff, Clientele, Ambiance, Enviroment and sounds I honestly couldn't tell you what was the worst

  • Obnoxious staff, music, and people. Don?t bother!

    gllybll on 02 Sep 2007 via Citysearch

    I decided to finally go to Pawn Shop with some people after hearing great things about it from other friends of mine. When we got to the front door the bouncers started to card us, which was fine, but what wasn?t is that they started to

  • avoid going to pawn shop lounge and bar

    clublady on 07 Aug 2007 via Citysearch

    this place needs to be closed down, period. it is a complete dump and an eyesore. compared to all the other swank and beautiful clubs or other underground spots , this place has a wack sound system , strange tastetless decor, and terrible


    krb04e on 28 Jun 2007 via Citysearch

    I love this place... through thick and thin. Granted, there was a time when Pawn Shop felt like it was slipping, but they are back! This is a place where you can really experience the best of Miami nightlife at The Pawn Shop Lounge,

  • good scene

    michael1470 on 28 Oct 2006 via Citysearch

    you'd never know it from the outside but this club is something else. from a variety of music to listen to and an unique atnosphere todo the listening this place has it all.

  • Awesome place to party!

    sarita24 on 16 Oct 2006 via Citysearch

    I love the Pawn Shop. Everytime I go there I have the best time. Every night has a different feel. I love Friday night in the back room. The DJ is so awesome and refreshing. The music they play there is a lot different from other clubs.

  • Extremely tight T-shirts

    shaggy0798 on 08 Apr 2006 via Citysearch

    The Pawnshop is just about the most foolish thing in the world. First of all the website says T-shirts are acceptable. Then I go there to get turned away at the door because I'm wearing a Fedora T-shirt. If I would've paid money at a

  • Entertaining without the South Beach attitude

    podlicist on 13 Mar 2006 via Citysearch

    Pawn Shop is everything you want in a nightclub - fun environment, great music and no South Beach attitude. Check out Thursday nights where a backyard bbq takes place on the patio. Saturday nights is a all out house party where anything

  • From Great to Trash

    pepeloco on 05 Feb 2006 via Citysearch

    This use to be my favorite spot. The music was amazing and they managed it nicely. It has deteriorated as most clubs do when they start to get popular. The door scene is a catastophy, they bouncers are no longer profecional and are on

  • ehh...

    damethod on 13 Dec 2005 via Citysearch

    Great music and crowd once I got inside after waiting about an hour and a half only to pay to get in. The only way I can agree with the last user, is if you got a nice great big rack! LOL

  • Pawn Shop

    Elijah-Bleu B. on 15 Aug 2005 via Judy's Book

    The first thing you will notice upon entering this club is its lack of space. Prepare to be jostled around all night unless you manage to get VIP seating (which takes up 1/2 the space of the club and is barely used). Drinks are absurdly

  • Rockin'

    fdiks81 on 27 May 2005 via Citysearch

    The music is great, mostly 80s (Which is a welcomed change) and some indie-rock/alternative, the DJ knows how to get the crowd going. People dress anywhere from exentric goth to sneakers and old t-shirts.

    I had to wait an hour in line


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