Jungle Island

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1111 Parrot Jungle Trl, Miami,
FL - 33132

Markets: Miami, FL Metro

Neighborhoods: Star, Palm and Hibiscus Islands

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  • Great rides, games and foods!

    Miles B on 12 Feb 2016 via Insider Pages

    I would likely give this park five out of five stars all time of the day. Great rides, games and foods!

  • roseannek on 23 Jul 2014 via Gogobot

  • Giselle G on 02 Jul 2014 via Gogobot

  • Janson Wigo on 15 Nov 2013 via Gogobot

    A favorite of mine as a kid. They have so much exotic wild life from monkeys, cats, fish, and every time of bird imaginable. What makes it so special

  • Jungle Island

    Dave j on 19 May 2011 via Insider Pages

    Jungle Island is a blast. Every summer when family comes to visit we always go there. Its gotten more expensive over time but its still worth it.

  • bring lot's of cash

    sweethrt on 11 Mar 2010 via Citysearch

    we have visited lion country safari, butterfly world, everglades safri, and monkey jungle.. all of these were wonderful. However, jungle island aside from all the beautiful birds was a real let down. they charge for every lil thing such as

  • Jungle Island is not worth even 1/2 the admission

    B S on 10 Aug 2009 via Insider Pages

    This place is a total ripoff. The operations manager is an idiot and they give out free coupons for school students with adult paid admissions and then they change the rules when you get there. Do not waste your money.

  • Jungle Island is awesome!!!

    Krystal P. on 10 Jul 2009 via Judy's Book

    Jungle Island is awesome!!! I was able to touch just about every animal. Two animals I probably will never forget were twin orangutan Peanut and Pumpkin. They were so adorablebut enough about Peanut and Pumpkin. I loved each and every

  • Fun place to visit!

    Malirocks on 27 Oct 2008 via Citysearch

    I went over to jungle Island in Oct. They have the most uniqe animals like a Cassowary and even a Liger which was very impressive to see. My daughter was able to interact with a baby capuchin monkey as one of the trainers walked by.

  • You Take Your Chances - Use Extreme Caution

    UsuallyHappyTourist on 02 Jun 2008 via Citysearch

    Although the internet site does note, "Severe inclement weather may affect Jungle Island?s hours.", the sign at the ticket window does not, nor does the sales rep warn you what constitutes severe weather in their mind. We are from

  • Great place for Family Fun!

    Marisol P on 09 May 2008 via Insider Pages

    Excellent location for family fun! Jungle Island has grown since its opening and now has more animals, excellent shows and a Hippo Slide (wet in summer, dry in winter) which is so much fun. I took my nephew and he had a great time with the

  • Go back and See the New Jungle!

    Marisol P. on 08 May 2008 via Judy's Book

    For those if you who went to visit Jungle Island when it first opened, you need to go back. It has evolved to a beautiful place. At first, I thought it would never be what the old one was, but the foliage has filled in so much, that you

  • Exepnsive, and Almost Worth It

    Erika A on 14 Jan 2008 via Insider Pages

    This is definitely a Disney World type place. The admission and food prices are high, and there are extra add-ons (such as holding a tiger cub and getting your picture taken) that will make the trip much more expensive. But, for all that

  • Have visited this park since I was a child

    carlos ie g on 09 Sep 2006 via Insider Pages

    Great for people that love animals,mainly birds.The price has increased somehow but still a series of fun shows to watch.I still have the recordings of some of the shows that I went since I was child.The feats are famous and well worth the

  • Parrot Jungle Miami

    Len S. on 13 Jul 2006 via Judy's Book

    It is a while since we visited this park We still have great memories.Treat yourself and your family to a great day outdoors. Attend any of the park shows that enable your kids to interact with parrots, reptiles, other birds, fish and

  • Parrot Jungle Island

    Aileen S. on 05 Dec 2005 via Judy's Book

    This Parrot Jungle Island is fairly new and in a new location. I have gone now about 3 times and it is nice but not as nice as the old location. The old location used to make you feel like you were in a tropical rainforest. This one is

  • Not Worth The Money!

    jodi s. on 27 Sep 2005 via Judy's Book

    I just visited the Parrot Jungle Island after reading about the "new" theme park. I felt that there were not enough attractions. Most of the "shows" were not happening. There is nowhere to go for shade or a/c to get a little break from

  • There's a Lot to Squawk About Here

    June D on 31 Jul 2005 via Insider Pages

    A few months ago I got to see the new Parrot Jungle Island off the Causway. We took some classes there from the school. It's very lovely with the landscape and location facing the water, but to tell you the truth I liked the old Parrot

  • Not Worth the Money

    jodi s on 20 Jul 2005 via Insider Pages

    I just visited the Parrot Jungle Island after reading about the "new" theme park. I felt that there were not enough attractions. Most of the "shows" were not happening. There is nowhere to go for shade or a/c to get a little break from

  • Parrots and a whole lot more

    Lisa C on 30 Jun 2005 via Insider Pages

    Simply put, I love Parrot Jungle Island. Not only are there beautiful, colorful and sometimes loud parrots for me and my kids to enjoy but the other animals and activities provide a day of fun! There's a terrific "big cat" show featuring


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