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4400 Rickenbacker Cswy, Key Biscayne,
FL - 33149

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  • isabellas1768622412 on 08 Jun 2013 via Citysearch

    Forget the Dolphin show and visit Bill Braggs Park instead. Great views and great value. Spend a wonderful day outdoors at the park!

  • Miami Seaquarium

    Porter R. on 09 Sep 2012 via Judy's Book

    Miami Seaquarium, a world-class marine-mammal park offers daily shows, exhibits and dolphin interactions. All the daily shows and exhibits are specifically tailored to offer a glimpse of beautiful marine-mammals including killer whales and

  • seant1893806090 on 06 Sep 2012 via Citysearch

    I recommended the sea trek to all of my colleagues at work. The trainers were phenomenal and they went above and beyond to make sure we had an amazing time.

  • My kids had a great time. It was a

    samanthab64 on 29 May 2012 via Citysearch

    My kids had a great time. It was a great experience to swim with the animals.

  • Killer, Killer Whale show!

    karenadventurer on 13 May 2012 via Citysearch

    Very cool Killer Whale Show! I also did the Dolphin Odyssey and it was really an out of this world to experience. I have been to Miami Seaquarium more than once to bring friends and family.

  • Fun Fun and more FUN!

    JLaaee on 11 Jan 2012 via Citysearch

    I had the best time at the park :) We got some great savings and they had a special show going on for Xmas with the what, she even had a hat. The kids loved it and can't stop talking about all the fun they had. We really want to do the


    PAMAEL777 D on 27 Oct 2011 via Insider Pages

    ANIMALS ! that were ripped from their home and family ! stuck in a bathtub their whole lives performing tricks that they do not want to do ! just so seaworld could make money of them they get nothing ! just work work work !!!!!! In the


    MARTHA777 on 26 Oct 2011 via Citysearch

    ANIMALS ! that were ripped from their home and family ! stuck in a bathtub their whole lives performing tricks that they do not want to do ! just so seaworld could make money of them they get nothing ! just work work work !!!!!! In the

  • Great time Great Savings!

    OssBee on 28 Sep 2011 via Citysearch

    I went to the park and they had amazing savings, a give 4 and get 40% off. They are having something else soon. If you are not a Miami resident, look first for savings, there are lots. If you are a Miami resident, get the year pass. I had


    wqamgary on 06 Sep 2011 via Citysearch

    The family had a blast!!! Shows were great, Food was great and the employees are very friendly. GREAT DAY! We will go back.

  • Pretty good trip

    buds4live on 12 Jul 2011 via Citysearch

    The park is not huge, its not Disney. So go open minded and not with the idea that you are going to step into sea world. This is not sea world and if you are looking for something like that just go up to Orlando. This park is really cute,

  • Good place to take the kids

    dailkosh on 05 Apr 2011 via Citysearch

    Truthfully, this is an older aquarium and not a roller coaster type of attraction. It is old school in its appearance and that is what I like (character). They do great things; such as helping manatees who have been hurt (boating

  • Fine Older Aquarium with lots of Education

    BrendaLM on 08 Feb 2011 via Citysearch

    It is suppose to be one of the first aquariums built. Yes, it is small, but when built, there were not regulations on sizes so did the best they could.
    I loved the manatees and the rehabilitation of them.

  • Open your eyes, not your wallets

    mimi313 on 19 Oct 2010 via Citysearch

    This place desperately needs renovations. It looks as though the last real update was in the 80s. I was very sad to learn that their main attraction Lolita the killer whale has been in the same dilapidated tank for 40 years.

    If you have a

  • Finally, an education and fun place to take the family

    JPhie on 11 Oct 2010 via Citysearch

    My family and I recently moved down to Miami a couple of months ago and we have been searching and searching for fun and educational things to do as a family. I saw some great and some not so great reviews on Miami Seaquarium, but I

  • Family trip to the Seaquarium, good time

    aerobeach on 10 Sep 2010 via Citysearch

    My mom, brother and I recently took a trip to the Miami Seaquarium and we had a very good time. We went to many of the shows and were very impressed on how fun and entertaining they were. All of the exhibits were done well and we will be

  • What an amazing experience!

    fishery101 on 28 Jul 2010 via Citysearch

    My son and I had an amazing experience at the Miami Seaquarium.
    We are new to town, so we decided to visit this Seaquarium.
    We decided to swim with the dolphins, which is an amazing experience, a must do on eveyones list!
    We got the year

  • My Son and I love Miami Seaquarium

    ahud101 on 20 May 2010 via Citysearch

    I was very hesitant on going to Miami Seaquarium based on some of the previous reviews, but I decided to give it a shot and I am so happy that I did NOT listen to all those negative reviews.
    My son loved the shows and you should of seen

  • Great Family Experience

    oceanic4life on 17 May 2010 via Citysearch

    My family and I visited the park for mothers day, my mother loved it.
    We saw Lolita's show and we were sure to sit far away, we didn't want to get wet!
    The trainers seemed to know what they were doing and they kept everyone

  • Dirty dirty dirty

    Joe Knab on 12 Apr 2010 via Citysearch

    The facilities are run-down and scabby. They treat the creatures there like they are in the aquarium-version of Guantanamo Bay Prison. No sane person can un-see the filth and neglect that charterizes this hole. I was relieved to leave


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