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4649 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables,
FL - 33146

Markets: Miami, FL Metro

Neighborhoods: Riviera

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  • its best

    tituo on 14 Sep 2008 via Citysearch

    My experience has been very good. Dr. \r
    Rene Piedra was able to replace one tooth that others had told me would be very difficult to do. The results were amazing.

  • witt

    16489 on 11 Sep 2008 via Citysearch

    When I was 4 yrs old I had very bad pneumonia that between that and massive antibiotics from hospitalization, interrupted the growth process \r
    of my teeth. My teeth have always been terribly discolored and cavity ridden.Dr. Rene


    perfumequeen on 25 Aug 2008 via Citysearch

    Don't believe the fake good reviews. See the truth for yourself in the Btr Bus. Bureau's website. They rated this business as an F, the worst in a scale of A+ to F. \r
    Go to the Btr Bus. Bureau's website and search for Rene Piedra &

  • Watchout this guy belongs in jail! Can not believe he has 4 stars.

    terribry on 24 Aug 2008 via Citysearch

    Do not let him sign you up for care credit. Do not sign or pay anything until after the work is done. His practice is in bankruptcy and there is a class action suit currently in the courts. Rene Piedra belongs in jail.This scammer has

  • Great Work , Wonderful experience.

    Dondon31 on 14 Aug 2008 via Citysearch

    I met Dr. Piedra, and he is the first dentist I?ve ever met and not been afraid of. He is unlike any dentist I?ve ever met: very warm, nice, and doesn?t make me feel embarrassed about the amount of work that needs to be done. I have yet to

  • I had a great experience with this dentist !

    AlexBec on 12 Aug 2008 via Citysearch

    I would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent treatment I received. For the last sixteen years I have avoided the dentist due to past experiences. After visiting your office all past fears were put to rest. During my visits I

  • warning! stay away! far away!

    sleezygeezy on 18 Jul 2008 via Citysearch

    I personally know who wrote the positive reviews as i personally know someone who worked in that office for a long time. i was also a patient. they are real nice when its time for them to make a quick buck... but after that they treat u

  • DR. PIEDRA - Part 2

    ashkajor on 03 Jun 2008 via Citysearch

    At this time he had my folder in front of him and I asked him if this was in addition to what I was still paying from the previous job he did, and he said YES, WITHOUT OPENING MY FOLDER and when I questioned him about the credit that was

  • They ruined my teeth ZERO STARS

    sisasu on 30 May 2008 via Citysearch

    I got the veneers. For about a year they were really nice, then I guess they are so unprofessional or money hungry they never told me my teeth would grow out the veneers, now my teeth look too long and I hate them, I went back and they

  • Won't return balance on my account. I gave them $3000 in good faith and tried them out.

    chrissibert on 28 May 2008 via Citysearch

    Won't return balance on my account. I gave them $3000 in good faith and tried them out. They charged me over $2300 for the initial visit and root canal with temp crown. It's been over a year and still giving me the run around, and they

  • Dr. Piedra has made going to the dentist easy again.

    lbook on 22 May 2008 via Citysearch

    Dr. Piedra has made going to the dentist easy again. As a victim & now survivor of sexual assault, I found it difficult to have people put their hands & objects in my mouth due to the trauma. Having the ability to be sedated has made it

  • Good sedation dentist

    emont48 on 21 May 2008 via Citysearch

    To begin with, I am the biggest "chicken" when it comes to the dentist. When I heard on the radio about Rene Piedra & Associate's sedation dentistry, I thought I had found my savior. From day 1 at my first consultation I was very impressed

  • Scarred by negative reviews

    Jessicaortega on 14 May 2008 via Citysearch

    I went to the office the other day for the first time. I do not have health insurance and was told that the bill would be over $6,000. I feel like this is alot to pay for dental services especially when the "materials" are 1,500. What are

  • YOU WILL REGRET USING THIS TERRIBLE DENTIST, HE'S A SCAM ARTIST!!!!!!!! I am begging you, don't go!!!

    ely14 on 02 May 2008 via Citysearch

    RUN, do not walk, RUN away from this dental office! ALL the reviews that you read about the negative experiences are so TRUE! Basically, he will explain to you that you need unnecessary treatments, make you pay for them upfront, then when

  • Fraud - Scam artist

    miami33130 on 02 May 2008 via Citysearch

    As so many other people on here have said Dr. Piedra's is a scam artist. My girlfriend prepaid for work to be done, signed up for a care credit account for 1800 bucks. When she had the work done they told her instead of 6 cavities needing

  • Everyone was kind and compassionate

    pgil7485 on 24 Apr 2008 via Citysearch

    The work he did is doing wonders for me personally as well as professionally. I'm so happy to be able to smile. During the procedures, I didn't have any pain at all. Only minute discomfort from my jaw being opened for so long.\r

  • Love the smile I got!

    wallerd87 on 22 Apr 2008 via Citysearch

    I have been smiling from ear to ear since getting my teeth whitened at Rene Piedra?s dental office. They have a wonder office with the sweetest staff. I used to hate going to dentists but it's always a pleasure spending time with them.

  • Gentle, down to earth, patient

    meli1889 on 06 Apr 2008 via Citysearch

    I went to Dr. Piedra only because my sister forced me to go. I told Dr. Piedra that whenever I heard his commercial I would turn it off because I was one of those people he talked about and I had his number programmed on my cell phone for

  • No matter what anyone says here, I can honestly say that these poeple truly care!

    jeffrey388 on 04 Apr 2008 via Citysearch

    I used to be absolutely petrified of dentists! I ignored the pain for years. I kept hearing about Dr Piedra and finanlly called when I could not take the pain any longer. When I called, the staff really cared about me and got me to come

  • Good Experience at the Dentist

    JNoy63 on 03 Apr 2008 via Citysearch

    I actually had very good experiences at this office. I am a regular at the dentist and I had been told several years ago that I had 10 cavities. I never fixed them. I suffered from pain on a bottom tooth for 3 months. I went to 4


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