Tobacco Road

32 reviews

69 south west 7th street, Miami,
FL - 33130

Markets: Miami, FL Metro

Neighborhoods: Downtown Miami

(305) 374-1198 http://TOBACCO-ROAD.COM more »

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  • Ruel on 30 Apr 2014 via GrubHub

    Def some of the best wings I have ever had in my life. The atmosphere was really cool. May (Key word: May) have a great chance to mingle with some decent versions of the opposite sex and have good food. Also cool place for couple based on

  • sully on 03 Feb 2012 via Urbanspoon

    This is a great dive blues bar. I had the all you can eat ribs and wings and they were wonderful. I would go back for just the food. The service was very attentive and I never wanted anything. Poppa E began playing at 8:00 pm and was

  • flagler

    joshuahowl on 06 Jan 2012 via Citysearch

    this mall was a lot nicer in the early 90s its got a bit bet up and yes its all Spanish but then again so is that whole area of sw miami the prices of the mall in general are cheap so at the end of the day if your trying to shop this is a

  • alex on 12 Nov 2011 via Urbanspoon

    Great atmosphere, love this place. It might be the only real bar in Miami, I try and make a stop there every time I"m in brickell after 10pm.

  • John Q. Public on 14 Sep 2011 via Urbanspoon

    Dropped by the other night with a couple of friends and naturally the place was busy especially since it was a Friday night. We all ordered hamburgers of different types and found the burgers, fries and toppings to be nice, fresh and

  • music and food

    ToniaBax on 15 Aug 2011 via Citysearch

    This bar is pretty fun. I love a place with decent live music and the fact they've got food that isn't ha;f bad is a total bonus. I like that you can go to their website to check out their calendar too.

  • Matikus Glasikus on 18 Feb 2011 via Urbanspoon

    Tobacco Road is a Miami "go-to". We went for a Saturday lunch and split a chili-burger. It was as good as advertised and really fair priced. In my eyes the fries were the best- fresh cut (peel left on) and fried up crisp. I would go back

  • Love it!

    Alicia B on 04 Aug 2010 via Insider Pages

    Love Tobacco Road. They always had great live music and one of my favorite bands plays there on a regular basis. Good food too.

  • Tearzz on 03 Feb 2010 via Urbanspoon

    regular bar food fair!!! venue is a great local bar to listen to live music!!!

  • Dora D. on 10 Mar 2009 via Urbanspoon

    Enjoyed our visit to Tobacco Road - loved the live music, the relaxed feel (especially when recovering from South Beach the night before) and the nachos were unique and delish.

  • In response to previous posts

    MiamiMadHatter on 19 Feb 2009 via Citysearch

    Markis: The barmaid you are referring to is actually very nice and usually works very fast. I believe her name is Crystal. When you first meet her she can be intimidating, but believe me that she is very nice. You might just have

  • Could and should be better considering the reputation.

    bbv1979 on 16 Feb 2009 via Citysearch

    The bar staff is always overworked and hard to get a hold of. The food is good, but the staff needs to be trained in service. And the bands used to be good here but now they have a whole lot of really bad bands most of the time. Maybe

  • The worst service ever...

    StPete Fun on 01 Jan 2009 via Citysearch

    HORRIBLE!!!! Don't let the Dennis Rodman look -a -like bartender at the main bar serve you. Rudest bartender I've ever had...Ordered the most expensive steak on the menu at ther bar, took me 10 minutes to get her and the other brunette

  • We love this atmosphere

    realjiujitsu on 07 Feb 2007 via Citysearch

    We went on a Saturday. We loved it. It had the atmosphere we were looking for a mix of adults and mature younger crowd. The music was exceptional if you like blues. The area was a little concern at the beginning but shortly after, felt

  • Meanwhile. . . . Acerca de Rio Miami

    joeybrozenick on 25 Jan 2007 via Citysearch

    Green glowing neon beckons me back to simpler days as I enter this treasure nestled on the banks of the Miami River in old downtown. Having the opportunity to visit on numerous occasions whether in the company of latinas bonitas, or solo I

  • Classic Spot

    wrharbour on 17 Nov 2006 via Citysearch

    For those of us who like it a little funky this is a great spot! If you ever have been to the French Quarter in New Orleans this will remind you of it. The place has been around downtown Miami for a while and is a great place to see some

  • Let's hear it for the SALADS here!

    faxas on 30 Oct 2006 via Citysearch

    So, by now you know the place is dark and narrow and sometimes has great music and sometimes doesn't. But did you know Tobacco Road has awesome SALADS? Yup. Salads. They rock a phenomenal burger, big and juicy, but they also serve a

  • Tobacco institution

    Barbara F on 07 Sep 2006 via Insider Pages

    For more years then I can recall Tobacco road has been a nightspot for locals and tourists alike..On any weekend night you can be assured of a fun evening..lively music is always playing, the drinks are always over the top and fun can be

  • A reputation for great blues and debauchery stretching back more than 80 years.

    Contributor on 15 Jun 2006 via Citysearch

    In Short
    Established more than eight decades ago, Tobacco Road is Miami's bar of choice for great blues and food. Its two stages have played host to many blues legends, including B.B. King, Koko Taylor and Albert Collins. It's

  • Best bar in Miami

    downtownmiami on 13 Jun 2006 via Citysearch

    One of my favorites. Perfect location. You can't go wrong with this place. The food is great, try the loaded nachos at least once in your lifetime. For dessert, get the chocolate bomb, a warm fudge cake with ice cream on top... so goooood.


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